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Ayane is going to return the key to physical education instructor in one room.
I tried to go home and return the key to the pin, but while looking at the back figure of pin
Ayane talked to pin the “I’m in Kachisusun baseball”,
"Do not Well, I say team because No. 1 I have been appointed this…

Traduction of the Ayapin moment from Chapter 92

Ayane went alone to the gymnasium to return the key.

After giving the key back to Pin, she was going to go back when, while looking at the back of Pin, she said to him: “the baseball club is continuing to win”. Pin answer: “Well, since I became part of it, the team is becoming the best one”. When Ayane tell him back: “Good luck…/Fighting…”, Pin answered her with a smile (waaaa~ I want to see that!!). While Pin was turning his back on Ayane, she said: “Hey, actually… I will choose the recommendation (the recommended university - sorry I don’t know how to put it). He answered: “Ok” while looking in front of him.

When Pin casually turned back, he was surprised to find that Ayane was still here. She suddenly leaved the gymnasium, but then she remembered what Pin said back then. “Don’t take the blame on other people, since in the end you’re the only one who can fix it, right?”. “I know~!” Ayane said to herself.

I’m apologizing in advance for the mistakes I could have done since English is not my mother tongue and I’m still not fluent in Japanese.


Mairunovich Final Chapter - Download
**I’m too lazy to post the raws on Tumblr. The quality is very low because this manga is not my primary interest but since comiczip has been quiet for quite sometime and maybe some of you might be dying to know the ending…**

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Anonymous said: Do you know how to cut out an image? I use the polygonal lasso tool but it doesnt come out really nice and I just want to know if theres an easier and more effective way of cutting out images?


actually yes! there’s a much easier way to cut out images than using the polygonal lasso.

  • first off, open up your image onto photoshop. (i’m using psc5) this is the photo i’ll be using.
  • next, click the letter “q” on your keyboard. this creates a mask for your picture. click it once and then click your brush tool. once you’ve clicked your brush tool, paint over your person. the brush tool should come off as red, and it should look like this.
  • paint over the entire person (or whoever/whatever you want to cut out) i like to use a small brush, so that it’s easier to paint over the more difficult spots to paint over. once you’ve finished painting over them, it should look something like this.
  • now all you have to do is click “q” again and it should outline what you’ve painted. it should look like this.

  • now, click delete on your keyboard and voila!

easy right? i hope this was able to help you lovely! if you have any other questions, feel free to come back and ask them!

Ayapin moments in Chapter 87


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Now that I have the scan, I understand better what they are saying. So I want to fix what I wrote in my last post about this Ayapin moment (I did some mistakes). ^^

Page 1

Pin: Oh, sit down.

(As the current you, it’s ok if you worry more/a lot about what is the most important to you)

Page 2

Ayane: (Such big hand…)

Pin: So Yano is…

Ayane: Have you already been troubled by something?

Page 3

Ayane: Even you…

Pin: My high school time was quite troubling. I decided to give up on my childhood dream, so it was tough. 

Page 4

Pin: Indeed, our future is set according to our own choice.

Ayane: Don’t say something so scary.

Pin: Scary? Indeed it is scary. But isn’t it even more interesting this way? Besides I want to choose something interesting.

Page 5

Pin: That’s why I have thought thoroughly about it.

(I think that Yano is one who can grow even further in many areas)

Ayane: Ah… What do you think about me? Ah!

Page 6

Ayane: No no no! That’s not what I mean!!

Pin: What do you mean?

Ayane: What I mean is! Eeh… University. For example, this one. What do you think about this university?

Page 7

Pin: Tokyo?

Ayane: (If he says this “why don’t you try that”, if he says this to me…)

Pin: So, what kind of answer do you want to hear?

Page 8

Pin: Well, in your capacity now, I can’t say that it will be easy/safe for you. You will have to study hard.

Ayane: (Wa… I’m an idiot. I was seen through, it’s embarrassing. So embarrassing! It’s like I’m being acknowledge (I’m not really sure what she means))

Pin: And you are just a kid~~~

Page 9

Ayane: What!?

Pin: Wahahahaha! You are a kid, a kid!!

Ayane: (wa~~ Idiot, idiot! I just heard a stupid thing! I will do as if nothing happened!!)

Ayane: You know, I’m always being told that I look like a grown up!

Pin: Hahaha! (OMG!! I’m dying with his smile!!!!) You are a kid.

Page 10 (actually this page was reversed with page 11)

Pin: You don’t have self-confidence, you think a lot about things and you choose what is the most safe for you. The safest decisions you have made until now, are they really that safe? For example, what happens during the club or the fact that you think you are a grown up.

Ayane: ~~~I understand! Geez~ I understand!! Yes yes, I’m a kid!

Pin: Don’t pretend that you understand.

Page 11

Pin: And don’t pretend that you don’t understand. But don’t worry. You are properly a kid. Because you can still do foolish things.

I just translated the Ayapin moment but if you are curious about other parts of this chapter, just ask me!! ^0^ And again, sorry for my bad english!! > <